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Getting on Track with Men's Kappa Clothes and Shoes

Hailing from Italy, Kappa had been around for half a century before it decided to try its hand at sportswear in the 1970s. Within a decade, Kappa established itself as a market leader, dressing the likes of Juventus FC, amongst others. The 1984 Olympics was all about the label, with US stars such as Carl Lewis in stylish Kappa gear. The brand's aesthetic is famously unisex, but that doesn't mean there aren't some great men's Kappa looks here at Foot Locker.

What's in our Men's Kappa Store?

These days, the brand's eye-catching logo (a silhouette of a boy and girl sitting back to back) features on an impressive line-up of outfits for general fitness and different sports, as well as on a raft of cool casual looks. Browsing the Kappa men's collection at Foot Locker, you can take your pick from a wide selection of polo shirts, shorts, joggers, tracksuit bottoms, flip-flops, sandals, T-shirts, zip-up fleeces, bomber jackets, track-suit tops, sweatshirts and backpacks, not to mention some killer kicks.

Men's Kappa Looks on the Front Pages

During the 90s, Kappa's Banda tracksuit was big with Britpop stars like Blur's Damon Albarn, and the latest takes on this timeless design are still some of the top sellers on Foot Locker's Kappa Men page. More recently, the brand has teamed up with fashion labels like Faith Connexion and sponsored Alfa Romeo's Formula 1 team. It also has its own propriety tech developed at its R&D Centre, notably the Kombat range of form-fitting elasticated fabrics, first introduced in the 2002 World Cup, and honed ever since.

Styling Options

No doubt about it, Kappa makes some serious sports kit. But it also does so much more. Its Authentic Label is a lifestyle range offering throwbacks to classic sporty styles of yesteryear, combined with Kappa men's trademark lean, clean silhouettes. Meanwhile, the Kappa Kontrol collection has more of a trendy streetwear vibe, bringing denim and sharp modern tailoring into the mix.

Foot Locker Deals

Shopping for Kappa men's wear at Foot Locker, you can grab exclusives on items such as polo shirts, as well as online-only offers you won't find anywhere else. And that's in addition to our excellent service and value for money.

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