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Nike TN Persian Violet

Shape Your Future with TN Persian Violet

Stereotypes and conformism have never been part of our culture. No need to fit in any box, instead, we prefer to break the boundaries, define the future the way you want it to be, and celebrate your uniqueness!

Our TN collection is the perfect representation of that, and the Persian Violet sneaker a strong symbol of where TN comes from. This classic and bold model is a legacy from the old generation to the new one. Both are fighting for a more inclusive world, where all our differences are celebrated.

As you are stepping into adulthood and independence, you are now in control of your own journey. So be free and enjoy the endless and limitless possibilities to shape your future.

The new generation is bringing us hope and inspiration. With your ambition, you can change the status quo and take to the next level what the old generation has started before. Remember that shoes don’t change the world. You do.

Since this collection is all about new beginnings, we went on a road trip to a beach near London to shoot in front of a beautiful sunset. Jumoke, Rui, Aurea, and Mariano, our Stripers from the UK are wearing apparel and sneakers from the TN collection and each one of them styled it according to hers/his preferences.

“The TN is such a bold sneaker that I would style it with a simple outfit” Jumoke explains. She also likes how the TN makes it easy to show your personality.

Check how Jumoke and the others styled the new TN Persian Violet.

  • Jumoke & TN style

    Jumoke gives us a sneak peak of her TN style.

  • Mariano & TN Persian Violet

    Mariano shows how he is inspired by the new TNs.


Discover the apparel of the TN Persian Violet collection and the different shades of the TN sneaker.