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Cozy Trend


After spending so much time at home, we cannot neglect our comfort anymore. Now more than ever, we're looking for something to warm up our hearts. This Holiday, get cozy with the most comfortable pieces in our new collection. No need to compromise anymore, get both style AND comfort!

Our Stripers, Maximilian from London and Alessia from Turin, are delighted to show you some of coziest pieces of this holiday season and how they styled them. From hoodies and sweatshirts to trending faux-fur shoes, this collection features a wide range of cozy and ultra-stylish looks.

For her first look, Alessia matched the cute Nike Crew Neck with Nike Swoosh leggings and brought a touch of coziness with the Puma Fluff slide.

Then she created a second look with Nike Open Hem pants and a Nike Crew Neck, that she paired with the soft Puma Leadcat slide.

 As for Maximilian, he combined Nike Burrow slippers with the PUMA Power Tape Over The Head hoodie and PUMA Power Tape cuffed pants to create his first look.

 For his second outfit, he picked the Clog white Crocs and paired them with Fresh Ego Kid Bel Air oversized Sherpa hoodie and Fresh Ego Kid Bel Air Boucle jogger.

Last but not least, Maximilian chose to create a look with Nike Repeat Cargo hoodie and pants, and completed his outfit with UGG Tasman Broken Logo Fur black slippers.

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